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Monday, March 2, 2009

An unnecessary accident

An unnecessary accident

My friend, John and I were walking through the school grounds, near the outer fence at 09.30. Suddenly, I spotted an object which looked rather like a colored rope. The object moved when we got nearer to it.

Convinced that it was a snake, John insisted that we should move away from the place. However, I wanted very much to report of our find, but John feared that we might be punished for being at a place where shouldn’t be found and what was more, when it was during school hours.

The thought of somebody’s being killed by the snake or a possible reward if the snake had escaped from the zoo made me insist on reporting it. I suggested that we should take it to the police station but John disagreed saying that the police station was too far and that we would miss our subsequent classes.

I then suggested that we hand the snake in to the gardener as his assistant knew a lot about snakes. John agreed to this suggestion and John grabbed an old bucket with a mat which he had found, to prevent the snake from getting out.

We walked towards the gardener’s house but unfortunately he spotted us first, with the bucket and the mat in between us. Thinking that we had stolen these things from his house, he shouted angrily at us. We tried to deny his accusations and warned him of the poisonous reptile in the bucket. He refused to believe in what we say and so he grabbed the bucket from our trembling hands.

Before we could do anything, the much-provoked reptile thrust its head out and bit the gardener. He screamed in pain and released the bucket and I saw the terrible attacker glide swiftly into the long grass by the gate. His cries brought his wife to the scene and we asked her to hurry and call for a doctor.

While John stayed with the unconscious victim, I rushed to the office to inform the police but no one was in. I left a message with the clerk and returned to the tragic scene.

I realized that we could have avoided the mishap if we had reported about the snake immediately. We regret that this happened and we take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies.
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