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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interesting story I have heard

An interesting story I have heard (Post 1)

An interesting story that I have heard is about a deserted house in a remote village somewhere in India.

The house had not been occupied for several years after the death of its owner. For some reason no one liked or cared for the owner. Therefore, when he died, he was not buried. His death remained in his bed until it was reduced to its skeleton.

One evening a traveler was passing by this house when it suddenly began to rain heavily. Looking for shelter, he ran into this house, where, to his surprise and terror, he saw a human skeleton. But the rain had not stopped and it was rapidly growing dark. He has therefore no choice but to sit there, in the hope that somebody like him might come in to keep him company. But no one came. It was now too dark to see anything outside. He therefore decided to spend the night in that dark and lonely house.

The rain continued to fall unabated. The wind was strong and there was much lighting. The traveler lay on the floor but he could not sleep with the skeleton inside the house. After several hours, there was a sudden very cold crawling over his body. He was now too frightened to move. After a while, he heard another strange cry. Just at that moment, a lightning flashed across the sky when he saw a large animal jump out of the house through a window which had been open. He now began to pray for his safety.

While he was in this position, some robbers happened to take shelter in the verandah of the house. They began to talk and laugh loudly. Hearing the voices, the traveler began to ask some questions from inside to make sure that there were some people outside. But the robbers were now frightened. They thought that it was the voice of ghost. They ran away as fast as they could.

When morning came, the traveler rushed out of the house and never returned to that part of the country.

An interesting story I have heard (Post 2)

The outline:
1. Who told the story
2. What it was about
3. The story
4. The end

One night my father told me a very interesting story. It was a story about an animal that lived in the sea but looked for food on land.

The animal was very large. Its body was like that of a very big man. But its head was like that of a strange animal in story books. Its body was covered with fish-scales. It would come out of the sea at night to look for human flesh on land.

One night the animal entered a village and caught a man. The man had been sleeping under a tree. The animal killed the man and ate his flesh quickly. Then it went back to the sea. Early next morning, the people in the village saw the half-eaten head and the bones of the dead man on the ground. They were frightened. They knew at once that the animal would return soon to kill another man. Therefore, they began to prepare to kill the animal.

The people were right. The animal came back the next night. The people had not gone to bed yet. Then, suddenly, they heard the frightful cries of a man. At once they all ran out of their homes and looked for the animal. They soon found it. It was trying to go back to the sea as quickly as it could with a dead man on its shoulders. But the people threw their spears at the animal. The animal fought hard to reach the sea, but it soon fell to the ground and died.

After killing the animal, the people were all very happy. But they were also very sorry for the two men who had been killed by the animal.

Entered = went into
Flesh = meat, soft part of the body between the skin and bone
Human = belonging to man
Interesting = very nice to hear
Large = big
Prepare = get ready
Reach = go to
Return = come back
Strange = not seen or heard of before

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