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Monday, March 2, 2009

My first air travel

Talk about my first air travel

My first experience in air travel was at the age of nine. My father and mother were planning the trip. When I asked them where we were going they told me that we were all going to Hongkong by flight. I was so excited and waited nervous for the day of departure.

It was a Wednesday. My father had booked three tickets on the Singapore Airlines flight to Hongkong. The flight was leaving at noon. We arrived at Chani airport around 10 a.m. to check in our luggage and confirm our seats. We completed the routine check up and passed the brightly lit duty free shops to board our plane. The air hostess smiled and said “hello” and directed us to our seats. It was a Bigtop aircraft and I occupied the window seat. All seats were soon occupied and the air hostess demonstrated the emergency procedures. In the meantime, the aircraft started to move along the runway. We checked whether we had fastened our seat belts. Then the aircraft started to take off at high speed. As I looked through the window I saw the beautiful landscape, houses, cars and ships became very tiny within minutes that we were airborne.

In about fifteen minutes, we were invited to undo our seat belts. The air hostess served us drinks. I looked outside and I could see nothing but clouds. In a short while, they served a delicious lunch. The air hostesses were nice and polite. I was just simply enjoying every moment of my first air travel. More than three hours passed before the plane began to descend. We were asked to fasten our seat belts once again. Suddenly the plane began to shudder mildly. My father told me it is due to air turbulence and there was nothing to worry. In a few minutes I was able to see the magnificent view of Hongkong’s coastline and the sea. All of a sudden the building looked very near and in no time the flight landed smoothly at Kai Tak airport. The plane finally parked at the end of the runway and we disembarked.

My first experience on a plane was a memorable one which I shall never forget.