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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mountaineering - mountain climber


Man basically has a challenging nature. He feels great when he accepts challenges and achieving of his targets. Mountains have always challenged the spirit of man and man has always accepted the challenge. The loftier the mountain, the greater has been the desire of man to conquer it and climb to the highest peak to enjoy the thrill of victory. The persistence and perseverance of the man has driven him to conquer all the mountains of this world.

Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak first conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and sherpa Tensing is very much vulnerable to man. Several expeditions by the British, Swiss, American, Indian and Japanese have scaled that peak successfully. Life offers a variety of challenges. Some adventurers are fascinated by these dangerous enterprises. Dangers and adventures are basic to their lives. Mountaineering is a dangerous sport and no one can deny it.

The mountaineer has to start his venture with numerous apparatus like spike shoes, ice pick axes, oxygen tanks, tents, sleeping apparatus with canned food. The climber finds it really hazardous during climbing because at any moment he may stumble or slip and crash. They are often overtaken by storms and glacier blizzards. The cold will be so severe that the climbers’ feet, toes and fingers are liable to frostbite.

Mountain climbing requires special knowledge, skills and equipments. The climber must be in good physical condition and have good sense of judgment. They should have through knowledge about how to read maps and compasses. They should use ropes to tie themselves when scaling steep rocks and plodding over snowfields and glaciers.

The climber is a real sports man who often walks on the edge death but will succeed with courage and determination.

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