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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about your friend’s family

Talk about your friend’s family

My best friend is Fadley Noor. He is a short Malay boy with big eyes and chubby cheeks. We spend every day together, studying and playing at each other’s home. I have been to his home so many times that I know his family rather well now.

Fadley comes from a large family of mine. He has three brothers and one sister. Since Fadley is the youngest in the family, his grandparents and parents dote on him.

Fadley’s parents are hawkers. They sell “roti prata”, “soup kambing” and other Malay food in a hawker centre at Hill Street. Fadley’s parents are very hardworking. They wake up early each morning to go to the market and to prepare the food.

Fadley’s brothers study in the neighboring secondary school. They often join Fadley and me in our games. His sister is pretty and has a winsome smile. She is seldom at home as she works every day as a salesgirl in Metro Grand.

Fadley’s grandparents are very kind and generous old people. Whenever I visit them, they will make some dessert for me.

I think Fadley is very lucky to have such a loving family.

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