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Sunday, March 29, 2009

What difficulties are you facing in choosing a career?

What difficulties are you facing in choosing a career?

Almost every school leaver is confronted with a very important question that is nearly impossible to answer: The question of what to do next. As for me, I was bugged by my plans for the future from the very moment I finished my last examinations. In addition, there is also the question of passing time during the few months of waiting for my results. During this time, I had a choice of enjoying myself or looking for a temporary job or even taking up an interesting course, I did all three of them. Unfortunately I was not successful in getting to a university, so I had to enter the job market.

I had always desired to take up teaching as a career. First of all I love children. Secondly I believe teachers are important people as they groom the citizens of tomorrow. As I grew older my exposure to the outside world has made me believe that there are many other careers that could interest me. I believe that I am facing the problem or psychological changes that any teenager would be facing during the period from childhood to adulthood.

I tried relief teaching during my holidays in search of the teaching career. The experience I had was valuable as I managed to grasp the duties, responsibilities and challenges of a teacher. I discovered my lack of working experience. Since I gathered quite a lot of information from the short period of teaching, I decided that I could choose any career by working on a temporary basis. The successful stories of how some people started off doing only odd jobs in beginning spurred me on. However this does not seem possible in the present gloomy economic situation. I also face of another problem where employers are not too keen in employing job hoppers like me.

My third problem concerns professional skills. For instance a secretary or computer programmer requires a certain level of knowledge in the field of typing, filing, shorthand and computer programming. These prerequisites can only be achieved through comprehensive courses. My concern is over which I should acquire and discover the abilities inherent in me.

These are the problems I face in choosing a career like other school leavers. I believe parents play an important role in choosing a career by allowing the children to expose themselves to part-time jobs. This way they can narrow down their career choices more easily. Seminars, talks or discussions on careers can also help.

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