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Saturday, June 21, 2008

If I had a thousand dollars

If I had a thousand dollars

The outline
1. First feelings
2. What things I would buy
3. What else I would do
4. The end

A thousand dollars, to a girl of my age, is indeed a big sum of money. If I had such a large sum of money, I would do a variety of things.

First, I would buy some pretty clothes for myself. I would go round the shops and look for the latest fashion in clothes. I would spend the money carefully on clothes. I would spend my money carefully as I would not get so much money easily again.

Then, I would buy some jewelry to beautify myself. I would buy a ring and a small necklace. This would cost me about half the money I had.

I would then buy a pen for my father and a nice hand-bag for my mother. These things would certainly make my parents happy.

After that, I would spend a few dollars for my brothers and sisters’ sake. I would take them to a cinema in the town so that they might enjoy themselves a little. I would also buy them some drinks and sweets.

If some money still remained, I would buy a good book for myself. The rest of the money I would keep in my savings account to use in the future. Thus, the money would not be spent carelessly.

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