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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about a trishaw rider

Talk about a trishaw rider

Trishaw riders can be seen in areas frequented by tourists, in particular around Little India. A trishaw rider is no doubt a hardworking man. In Singapore trishaw riders are source of attention to the visiting tourists from developed countries.

A trishaw rider is tactful and understands the temperament of tourists. He acts as guide to the tourists. The nature of his work requires energy and strength. A trishaw rider enjoys taking tourists around and acts as a host. The tourist feels relaxed and takes in the city sights.

A trishaw rider has to ride his vehicle on the roads. He has to work in any weather. He has to be ready to take the passenger to any destinations.

A trishaw knows few joys and entertainment. All his joys rest with the service he renders to the passengers. The tourist brings home with him the memory of the trishaw rides.
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