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Friday, June 20, 2008

Flood in a town

Flood in a town

Notes: Sudden rain – Continued for days – Floods – Many homes washed away – Many people made homeless – Some drowned – School closed – Hospital full – Much suffering – Rain stopped – Sunshine again – People happy.

After a long period of dry weather in my town, it suddenly began to rain one day. The people were happy.

The rain continued for days. The people then became worried. Soon there were floods everywhere, which caused much damage and suffering.

Many houses were washed away by the flood water, and hundreds of people were made homeless. Some were also drowned. Schools were closed to provide shelter to those who were affected by the floods. The hospital was filled with sick people.

Fortunately, the rain stopped to prevent further damage and suffering to the people. There was sunshine again and the people were happy.

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