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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Should there be school for pupils during weekends

In your opinion, should there be school for pupils during weekends as well?

The weekend or holiday is a concept which came up with the observation of Sabbath as a holiday by Christians who regard it as God’s Day. The idea is kept true to from and so the weekend has come to stay with all nations and countries with the exception of the Islamic countries. There Friday is the weekend instead of Sunday. Whatever the idea may be schools and other institutions observe Sunday as a holiday.

Whether there should or should not be school on Sunday is a matter of opinion. Let us first see the case for the school working on Sunday. Most of the parents may be for it. For parents, children at home on Sunday make life a hell. They neither revise nor do their home work. They make a lot of noise and there is no end to their mischief. The parents find it difficult to concentrate on their work because children come in the way. Hence for all these reasons they feel that the school should work even on Sundays.

Since education is a continuous process there need not be a Sunday. Just as our organs work continuously, the process of education must also be continuous. The break upsets the course since very often no useful work is done and when they come to school there is the feeling of Monday blues. Rest does not mean break from work. Very few children will be bent on any serious work during holiday. There is a lot of idleness. Rest period in the middle work is desirable rather than a day long of rest. The stiffness of the limbs which goes with the long rest can be seen with the stiffness of learning process after a Sunday. Hence people argue schools should not work even on Sunday.

But there are people who insist on the weekend because people need rest after an arduous and tiring week. The rest will refresh them, and some freedom from the frame of time tables and discipline. It is desirable for the young minds.

Teachers need the weekend off to do serious preparation for the coming week. They also need some time to attend to their personal needs. They may even engage themselves in leisure activities in which even pupils may take part.

Since parents are also having a holiday they would like to spend some time with their children. It will help them to look into the books and notebooks of the child or perhaps help the child to do some holiday homework. For instance, there is the weekend washing. It may be worthwhile to visit places or friends that day. Hence the weekend is necessity.
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