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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

English essay các bài luận tiếng anh mẫu hay để tham khảo cung cấp rất nhiều essay tham khảo:

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Nhiều bài luận bằng tiếng anh hay miễn phí theo chủ đề (essay topics), sách những essay mẫu và các cách viết anh văn cơ bản thông dụng để học, một trang tìm về các bài luận anh văn thuận tiện
Những bài luận tiếng anh mẫu rất thông dụng và hay - Tìm các bài viết luận essay anh văn sưu tầm - Có nhiều essay topics (chủ đề bài luận) đa dạng và khác nhau. Những bài essay mẫu miễn phí thường dùng nâng cao và cơ bản. Học tốt viết essay.

Below are some of the sample essay topics on
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Money
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cinema
An Ideal Teacher
Describe Your Best Friend
Describe Village
Describe The House
Difficulty In Learning English
Essay On Rainy Season
Homework Should Be Abolished
Good Manners Essay
Frightening Experience
Failure Is The Mother Of Success
Essay On Rainy Season
Essay On Picnic
Essay On Good Manners
.... còn nhiều bài luận tiếng anh (essay topics) khác nữa. Mời bạn tự do tìm kiếm bằng công cụ search hoặc bằng danh mục các bài luận tiếng anh (list of essays).

Describe your best friend and tell why you like him or her
In our daily activities we often get in touch with the others and from these relations we meet some people whose interests, characteristics and behaviors are similar to ours and we choose them as our friends...

How you spent your last holiday.
During my last school holidays, I spent a few days at my cousin’s house at Morib, a well-known sea resort. I shall never forget that visit.
On the day I arrived at Morib, my cousin told me that he would do to make my stay there a very interesting one. He said that he would make a raft to use it in the sea. Then he would buy fishing net to catch some fish in the shallow water near the coast. When I heard all this, I was very delighted because it was one of the reasons that I had decided to visit my cousin. We then walked up to the beach which is near his house...

The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them
Beginners of foreign language always meet difficulties from the outset. For me, I had to overcome these problems when I started learning English.
English pronunciation is my first obstacle. The pronunciation in English puzzles me a lot because the same letter has different sounds. For example the letter “a” in “bath” is not pronounced in the same way of that in “bathe”. The “ou” in “South” is also different from “ou” in “Southern”. Generally verbs and nouns are pronounced differently although they are written the same. Record is a good example to illustrate it...

My favorite game/sport
My most favorite game is Football. It is a world famous game. Football is such a popular game that it is played even in the most remote corner of my country. People walk long distances to watch a football match. Even old people enjoy watching this game...