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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A popular place in my town.

A popular place in my town

I live in Seremban, the capital of Negri Sembilan in Malaysia Seremban is just about 60 km south of Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital. Compared to busy Kuala Lumpur, living in Seremban is much less hectic and the residents have more time for relaxation.

The most popular place where the residents go to for relaxation has to be the Lake Gardens. Situated just beside the centre of town, it has two small lakes surrounded by lush green vegetation. A jogging track through the vegetation circles the area. Just beside the larger lake are a flower garden and an aviary.

The flower garden contains many varieties of beautiful flowers. This place is the favorite of shutter-bugs. One can always see people posing for pictures beside the flowers. On Sundays the place is especially busy as brides and grooms flock to it to have their pictures taken.

The aviary holds a modest number of birds. There are eagles, mynahs, parrots and others. The last time I was at the aviary, there was even a peacock that would not show his glory and a crane that stood so still that at first I mistook it for a dead tree.

Every morning before the sun rises, people start to go towards the Lake Gardens. The Tai Chi brigade gets there first. These are usually senior citizens who practice this ancient Chinese art to stay healthy and supple. Judging by the number of practitioners of this art, I have to say it is very popular.

As the sun rises younger people can be seen jogging around the jogging track. Some just walk briskly. Yet others just sit stroll leisurely on the grass taking in the cool morning air.

After 4 p.m. the people come again. This time it is mainly young men and women who come to jog or just exercise themselves. Some come to visit the flower garden and the aviary together with their families.

This goes on till dusk and when night takes over, the Lake Gardens is virtually deserted except for courting couples. Then peace reigns over the Lake Gardens until the next morning when once again the place comes alive.
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