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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Describe a Sports day.

Describe a Sports day.

Sports Day fell on the eighth of September. On that day, the school was beautifully decorated with colorful flags. Parents were invited to watch their children participate in the various events.

First, there was the lower primary students’ telematches. Every class was divided into four groups which competed against one another. They used balls, hoops, skipping-ropes and bean bags in the competition. The little children ran swiftly and we could hardly tell who the winners were.

Next, we had more interesting events. The upper primary students competed in events like hurdles, relay races, short distance races, high jump and long jump. There were individual and team events. Every participant tried his best to win as many trophies as possible for his class. However, there was bound to be some losers.

The prize-giving ceremony marked the end of the exciting day. The winners were cheered and carried on their classmates’ shoulders. The losers showed good sportsmanship by joining in the cheers and not sulking. Though we were very tired, we had enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
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