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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about your school

My school

There is a white three-storey building, surrounded by greenery, located at Simei Town Central. That is Simei Primary School. That is also the place where I have schooled for the last five years or so.

My school uniform is white. The boys wear a white shirt and white shorts while the girls wear a white blouse and skirt. The uniform must always be worn with the school badge which bears our school motto “Nothing without labor”. It means that we must be willing to work to get our reward. We are also taught to be honest and polite all the time.

Most of the teachers in my school are just and kind. However, there are some teachers who show favoritism. As a result, the students who are favored by these teachers are very proud and like to bully the others. In general, however, we all treat one another like siblings and live in harmony.

I am sad that I will have to leave my school at the end of this year. It has given me knowledge, friends and happy moments. I will always remember my school and the fond memories it holds.

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