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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about your new friend

Talk about your new friend

When the school reopened after the mid-year school holidays, we had a new classmate. Her name is Cheng Siew Hong and she has emigrated with her family from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The class was excited and I was too because she happened to sit next to me. My form teacher told us to make her feel at ease with us. Siew Hong is a cheerful-looking girl and an active athlete. She runs fast, swims well and even takes part in high-jump competitions. Siew Hong and I soon became very good friends because of our common interest in sports. We never run out of topics to talk about. We have lots of fun together, both in class and out on the field. I help Siew Hong cope with the English language while she helps me out with the Chinese language.

Since this was the first time she has been in Singapore, the class decided to bring Siew Hong to some of the local tourist attractions like Sentosa and Botanic Garden. We also brought her to Satay Club fitted into the class in no time. She is glad to join our class and we are glad to have her as a new friend.

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