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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At the bus-stop

At the bus-stop

Every morning, I wait at a bus-stop near my flat to take a bus to school. It is always very crowded. While waiting for the bus, I usually observe the people at the bus-stop. Some of them I have come to know by sight.

One person who caught my attention is a tall and thin man wearing thick glasses. He always drops his files whenever his bus is coming. I guess that is because he is over-anxious to board the bus.

Another person I have noticed is a shabbily-dressed old woman. Every morning, she carries one big bag full of pieces of cloth to the bus-stop. Once, she came with two big bags instead of one and she got stuck in the door of the bus. Luckily, the kind man with the thick glasses helped her to free herself. However, he dropped his files again while doing so.

There is also a rude school-boy who always pushes his way up the bus instead of queuing up like the other passengers. This angers the other passengers. Once, he tried pushing his way past the old lady with the big bag. To my amusement, he was almost knocked down by the fat bag.

There are indeed interesting things to note at a bus-stop if only one is observant.
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