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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Describe your school-shops

My school tuck-shop

My school tuck-shop is situated next to a block of classrooms. My classrooms happens to be the nearest to the tuck-shop and before each break, we can always smell the aroma of appetizing food.

There are a number of food stalls in the tuck-shop and this gives us a wide choice of food. They are the prawn noodles stall, the laksa stall, the porridge stall, the Malay food stall, the Indian rojak stall and beverages and snakes stall. You can tell by the length of the queue in front of the rojak stall that it is the most popular stall. My favorite is the laska stall as the laska is both delicious and cheap.

Usually, the tuck-shop is packed during peak hours like during lunch time and during breaks. It is difficult to get a seat at these times. Therefore, we should be considerate and vacate our seats once we have finished eating.

The food sold in the canteen is tasty and the standard of hygiene is high. The vendors clean the tables and benches often and scrub the tuck-shop floor at the end of each day. Sometimes, health inspectors come to check on the vendors’ preparation of food too. As a result, we do not have to worry that the food is not clean.

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