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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk about your new neighbors.

Talk about your new neighbors.

When I was waiting for the lift, I saw a girl of about my age dragging two big boxes of household items to the lift. When the door of the lift opened, I helped her to drag one of the boxes into the lift.

She thanked me and explained that her family had just moved into a flat in the block. I was surprised when she moved the boxes into the flat next to mine.

I came to know later that my new neighbors are the Tan family. The girl whom I met in the lift is Debbie. Her elder brother is Desmond and the eight-year-old younger brother is Danny.

Debbie and I soon became good friends. Though we do not attend the same primary school, we hope to get into the same secondary school next year.

My mother gets along well with Mrs. Tan. They exchange recipes and go to the market together. In fact, the Tan family is very easy-going and they fit well into our neighborhood.

I am glad the Tan family lives next door. I hope we will always be neighbors.
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