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Friday, June 27, 2008

A robbery I have seen

A robbery I have seen

Notes: Walking along road – suddenly saw two robbers – One with a gun – attacked an old man – Took everything – Robbers ran away – Man shouted for help – No one came – I too did nothing – Afraid – Man went away – Tears in his eyes.

One morning, as I was walking along a road, I suddenly caught sight of two robbers. One of them had a gun in hand.

The robbers had attacked an old man in broad day-light. They forced the man to give them all money he had. Then the robbers disappeared from the scene as quickly as they had appeared.

The old man now shouted for help to catch the robbers; but no one cared to stop and listen to his cries or the story of the robbery. I too made no attempt to help the old man. Everyone seemed to be afraid or to feel that robbery was a common even on the roads.

The old man then slowly walked away, with tears in his eyes. I felt very sorry for him.

Attacked = caught
Forced =told.
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