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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A visit to an estate

A visit to an estate

The outline: When? With whom? Why? Description of estate

I have always lived in the town. The thought of visiting an estate had never occurred to me. Then, one day, my friend, Kok Kee, asked me if I would like to visit an estate with him.

After Kok Kee asked me the question, I began to think if it might be worth while visiting an estate, which I had always considered to be nothing more than a jungle. After some thought, however, I agree to go with him, and we fixed a day for the visit.

When the day arrived, Kok Kee and I left our homes early in the morning by bicycle to visit the nearest rubber estate. We cycled for about an hour before we reached the estate.

The first thing that attracted my attention was the size of the estate. It was very big indeed. Thousands of rubber trees could be seen all around. They were all arranged in straight rows. Many tappers were engaged in their work. We stopped at various places to see how a tree was tapped. We also saw the streams which were full of fish. The water in them was as clear as crystal and the fish in it could be seen clearly.

We then visited the factory, the office, the dispensary, the staff and labour quarters in that estate. They all looked very clean and interesting. From the estate office we could see the beautiful mountain in the distance. We also saw the beautiful swimming pool and the green fields around.

All these made the visit very interesting indeed. I therefore enjoyed the visit greatly, and my ideas about estates have changed since that visit.
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