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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Describe a visit you have made to a factory

Describe a visit you have made to a factory and show what benefits you have derived from the visit.

Last week, under our form-teacher’s guidance we visited the Bicycle Factory.

On our arrival at the factory, we were warmly greeted by the director who gave us some information about the factory.

It is a long, low building with different workshops. There are 500 workers in the factory. Many of them live in the factory grounds but many others live in the nearby towns or villages and go to work by bus everyday.

When we entered the first workshop, the workers, in their overalls, were cutting steel tubes with hacksaws. It was very noisy here but the workers had got used to the noise.

The newly-cut steel tubes were brought to the next workshop where they were joined together into frames by soldering irons. Flashes of red and blue light sent out from soldering irons dazzled our eyes. The workers were absorbed in their work. Drops of sweat were rolling on their cheeks and their overalls were soaked with sweat. We went to the next workshop. The newly joined frames were brought there to be polished before they were painted. The final process of production was to assemble accessories together before the bicycles were put on the market.

The visit of the Bicycle Factory gave us a precious lesson: the existence of a society depends largely on the working class. The workers themselves create properly and material comforts for society with the sweat of their brow. And on impulse, we thought: “If our government hadn’t imported such a large number of motorbikes and if all people had used bicycles as their means of transport, the environment wouldn’t have been so seriously polluted”.