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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You have been away from home on some occasion

You have been away from home on some occasion. Tell your feelings on leaving.

Deep down in every of us there is an adventurer, and eternally youthful spirit that hungers for new and strange places, for new and wondrous experiences. It is a deeply human feeling, this desire to travel and visit unknown places, this desire to increase one’s knowledge of the world. It is an ancient longing, far more ancient than the first man who looked up at the hawk and with a cry of pain wished that he could fly, too.

Therefore, two sorts of feelings can be experienced on leaving home for some time. First we are anxious to know the place where we intend to go and we eagerly look forward to making the acquaintance of new friends in a new surrounding; then we shall be able to draw comparisons between the old place and the new one.

Yet our joy is not unmitigated, because on leaving an old place, memories of all sorts come back to our mind. We remember the pleasant hours we spent there with our family and friends, and the happy events that place was a witness of. On such an occasion even sorry remembrances are gently cared for, since they are some more links connecting us to that place and thus making it all the dearer to us.

Then we easily understand why, most of the time, any departure causes such opposite feelings, the source of moral torment for fear we should deprived of all that made our life sweet before.

Before leaving of abroad I had only seen things so common, but everything seemed beautiful to me now.

I shut my eyes so as to see the faces of my dear mother and my innocent sister again.