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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A mystery

A mystery

Note: Sleeping in my room – Something fell on the floor – Woke up – Switched on light – Saw large snake on my table – Screamed – Father came from his room – Killed snake – Took it out of room – Relieved

While I was asleep in my room one night, something suddenly fell on the floor. It made such a loud noise that I woke up at once.

I then switched on the light in my room. To my horror, I saw a large snake on the table. The snake was now still, perhaps unable to see clearly in the brightness of the light to go out of the room.

I was so frightened that I began to scream. Hearing the scream, my father came rushing from his room. Seeing the snake, my father quickly began to strike at it with a stick that was in my room.

When my father was sure that the snake was dead, he took it out of the room and threw it into the bush behind our house.

I was now relieved and went back to sleep. But how the snake had entered my room still remains a mystery.

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