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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Write a passage criticizing the tramps’ way of life

Write a passage criticizing the tramps’ way of life

Living in a community we should always have a sense of responsibility to others. But tramps are leading quite different lives: they need nobody and do not care about anything at all.

Look at those tramps who are wandering in the streets. They have no homes, no wives, no children and no work. They are free from all worries and troubles. Are they hungry? They may ask you for some money or they may try any trick in the book to get it. When night falls, they may seek a certain sleeping place: in the open air, in the park, underneath the bridge or under the threshold of an abandoned house.

These tramps assume no responsibility to anybody at all. They are willing to lead a selfish life, paying no interest in the others’ affair. Are our compatriots in danger or are they suffering from calamity? These tramps completely remain indifferent.

What do we think of these tramps? To my mind, they are merely lazy parasites on society. An individual depends closely on a community in which he is living. Happy or unhappy he is in need of others. He only lives half of his life if he only lives for himself. The greatest happiness of a mother is to take care of her husband and her children; and the greatest joys of a teacher are found in educating his students into useful citizens for their country.

On the other hand, we are greatly indebted to our ancestors as well as to our society. In return for this great debt, we should do our best; we should devote all our energies and efforts to helping our compatriots with their difficulties and making our country into a wealthy and powerful one. If we had the mentality of the tramps, we should still be savages for good.

To feel great sympathy for our countrymen’s sorrow and suffering is to create an indefinite joy for ever for our lives. We will be quite cheerful and light-hearted to enjoy the secret of our happiness and the real meaning of our lives if we live for others.

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