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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Which part of your country would you prefer to live in?

Which part of your country would you prefer to live in?

Being a man quite interested in Nature, I would like to settle down in Hue Old Capital for the rest of my life because it is in this beloved city that I can perceive clearly the rotation of the universe: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each season with its own beauty and attractiveness.

When Spring arrives, flowers and leaves come out in buds. Long icy months of winter actually give way to spring days full of warm sunshine. Warm coats and woolen sweaters of different colors worn in winter are now being washed and dried off and put in the wardrobes waiting for the next winter to be put on again. In spring the sky in Hue seems higher and clearer. White clouds drifting on high reflect in The Perfume River, looking just like silk ribbons.

Hue is well-known for her attractive Perfume River. On a certain Spring evening if you sit by the Perfume River you will be enraptured by her tender beauty and fantastic gracefulness.

Warm Spring passes by and burning summer arrives. The extreme heat of summer days in Hue fortified by the sultry wind from Laos makes you feel suffocated and annoyed but a leisurely walk along the Perfume River banks or a visit to Thuan An seashore with its fresh air and cool water will drive away your feeling of unpleasantness at once.

Summer comes! Summer comes! The pupils’ hearts are beating wildly with joy. A long year of study has just passed and the examinations have just been over. They are all delighted to welcome summer in the gorgeous colors of flamboyant blossoms and in the cheerful chirps of cicadas. Summer entertainments are waiting for them ahead.

Hot summer days end; then cool autumnal days start. Autumn comes together with dead leaves falling, falling on every path. The sky turns extremely blue. Cool breeze lulls us to a sound sleep. Autumnal moonlit nights in Hue look so marvelous! The sky is perfectly blue and clear. The full moon spreads a glittering light over Vi Da hamlet luxuriant with gardens of areca palm-trees and bamboo hedges. In the stillness of the peaceful night a song on Hue heard from a far, distinctly and then indistinctly mingled in the moonlight creates a fair land on earth.

Then incessant rains of winter put an opaque veil over Hue city. Persistent rains and icy chill urge visitors to leave Hue immediately, but do not hurry please, my dear visitors. Hue residents have a miracle to retain your wandering steps. Bowls of hot beef noodles seasoned with pimento and red pepper can keep you from the icy atmosphere or packets of dried peanuts eaten during the nights help you to prevent from getting numb with biting coldness.

Everybody has once visited dear old Hue will keep sweet memories of this ancient Capital for ever and to me, I deeply regret having spent a short time in my dear old city but I still nurture happy and sad recollections of Hue for years and long for a reunion day with my beloved Hue again.

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