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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Work helps us escape from three evils: Boredom, vice and poverty

Explain this saying and comment on it: “Work helps us escape from three evils: Boredom, vice and poverty”.

Labor is the ultimate end of Man. Being man, everybody has to work for the sake of his own benefit and social welfare. It is often said “Labor is Glory”. Indeed, labor plays an active part in our lives. It helps us drive away three evils: boredom, vice and poverty.

Labor helps us escape from boredom. When we are at loose ends, we always feel bored. Boredom is the obvious result of idleness. Unremitting recreations in our long idleness, in the long run, make us feel bored and tired. On the contrary, how we feel relaxed and cheerful after a day of long hard work! Work therefore begets joy. We feel light-hearted and have a moment of blessed calm after hours of toil.

How proud and happy young volunteers are when on the state farms day after day, regardless of the atrocity of weather, they have been struggling against the arid soil, forcing it to produce food to their compatriots and wealth to their society!

Labor helps us drive away vice. Idle men often seek for recreations to kill time and their entertainments are always vile and base ones. Day by day, they roam around casinos, prostitute houses and opium smoking dens. Their bodies gradually become thin and haggard and their spirit weak and feeble.

Day in day out, indulging themselves in debaucheries they not only kill themselves but also spread calamity to their compatriots and relatives. The viruses of AIDS – an incurable and fatal disease – have been disseminated by these vagabonds. Now everybody looks down on them and avoids meeting them. They are but parasites on society.

Did these idle men know how to use their free time in lucrative jobs, our society would be more powerful and wealthier and vices would disappear for good.

Work helps us to stave off poverty. This is an immortal truth. The social existence belongs to the merits of the working class. First, by working an individual can procure comfort for their dear ones. Only by working can we save money for a rainy day.

In our society, lots of people, by their creative work, their patience and their spirit of enduring hardships and overcoming obstacles have been able to turn their misery and poverty to wealth and richness.

In any places and at any times, labor always makes us feel happy, healthy and wealthy. The above thought sets a good example for all of us to follow.

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