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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Describe your first day at school as a child

Describe your first day at school as a child

There are such moving incidents in our lives that we can never forget. As for me, the most remarkable event in my life is the memory of my first day at school.

That morning, after waking me up earlier than usual, my mother helped me wash my face and get dressed. The school things bought by my mother the previous day were put carefully in the new brown leather schoolbag.

On the way to school, my mother tenderly held my hand and looked at me fondly. The road to school now seemed quite strange to me although in my childhood I rambled along it so many times! The other children of my own age, in new clothes like me, were timidly accompanied by their parents to school. A strange and inexplicable feeling bloomed in my heart. Then I had a feeling of worry and fear when I caught sight of the imposing and gigantic elementary school in front of me: It looked so majestic in its new colors. The schoolyard was packed with pupils and their parents. The old pupils were playing with marbles or with spinning tops, running up and down, talking and laughing merrily. The headmaster and the teachers, neatly dressed, were standing under the school verandah.

Suddenly there echoed the sounds of a drum in my heart.

We were all ordered to stand in line before the flagstaff to salute the colors. When the flag salute was over, we by turns went into our classrooms. A young and mild-looking teacher greeted us at the door. And in a gentle voice he taught us the first lesson.

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