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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Living in a city

Living in a city

The outline:
1. The things found in a city
2. Why it is noisy, etc.
3. Why people like it
4. The end

A city is very noisy; yet most people like to live in it. Many interesting things and places for entertainment can be found.

There are many people and a variety of vehicles in streets. Cars, buses and other vehicles can be seen running to and fro in the streets throughout the day. All these make a city very noisy and busy. Accidents occur now and then. Some people die as a result.

There are a lot of schools and hospitals in a city; therefore, people who live in it know that it is very easy to find a school for their children and to visit the hospital so quickly when necessary.

At night a city is full of colorful lights. They make the city a nice place. Some parts of the city, especially where the cinemas and music shows are, are very crowded.

Many people also attend school at night to improve themselves. Today there are evening classes in almost every city.

For all these reasons, living in a city is very exciting. I like living in it.
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