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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frightened by a ghost

Frightened by a ghost

Notes: Moon-light night – Went out for a walk – Everything looked beautiful – Enjoyed – suddenly saw woman in white clothes – Frightened – thought of ghost – Ran home – Next morning visited place where woman was standing – Saw banana plant – Relieved – Not a ghost

One moon-light night I went out alone for a short walk.

As I walked along, enjoying the cool fresh air and the beauty of the night, I suddenly caught sight of a woman. She was wearing white clothes.

I now stopped to make sure that I had really seen a woman. Then I realized that it might be a ghost. I was at once filled with fright, and began to run back home.

On the next day, I visited that place again to find out what I had actually seen. What I saw was only a banana plant moving in the breeze.

I was now relieved to know that I had not really seen a ghost, but only a banana plant. I felt a little ashamed of myself, however, to have been so easily frightened.

Realized = thought
Breeze = gentle wind
Frightened = afraid
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