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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My ambition

My ambition

My ambition is to become a successful scientist. I have always enjoyed attending science lessons in school. I believe it would be life’s greatest joy to establish my career in the scientific field.

Becoming a successful scientist involves a lot of hard work and dedication. I admire great scientists like Einstein and Newton who braved a lot of setbacks to become successful. I am very inquisitive by nature. I do not stop asking questions till I thoroughly understand the answer. In class, I always make sure that I perform each science experiment properly. When in doubt, I consult my teachers.

As a scientist, I would be able to invent new things for mankind. We would then be able to lead a more comfortable life. Perhaps I can invent cars that are operated by robots or a computer that thinks like a human. My parents think highly of my ambition and are very supportive. They always buy me books on science and take me to science exhibitions.

In order to fulfill my ambition, not only must I work hard for it, I must also understand that “Failure is the mother of success”.
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