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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A priceless gift

A priceless gift

I have had this little wooden pencil case with me for about two years. It is the most precious gift that I have because it was made for me by my late grandfather for my tenth birthday.

My grandfather was a carpenter. After he retired, he continued to spend his time on woodwork. He liked to work in the garden where it was cooler. I used to sit beside him and watch him while he hammered away.

One day, I could not find my grandfather in his usual place in the garden. After hunting high and low, I found him in his room. His head was bent over a rectangular object and his hands were busy carving something. As soon as he saw me, he hid the object behind his back and smiled guiltily, like someone caught in a naughty act.

Just before my birthday, my grandfather fell sick. On the eve of my birthday, he passed away.

The next day, I found the wooden pencil case in his drawer. There were some words carved on it: “Happy birthday to my beloved grandson.” I was touched. So that was what my grandfather had been so secretive about. Since that day, I have always cherished the birthday gift from my grandfather. To me, it is a priceless gift.
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