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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reading is fun

Reading is fun

Since young, my parents have always brought me to the library to borrow books. At first, I thought reading was boring. However, I soon learnt to love reading.

The first books I read were fairytales. I still remember those delightful tales like “Beauty And the Beast” and “The ugly Duckling”. One thing I like about fairytales is that the kind-hearted always get rewarded in the end.

Now I prefer books on adventures like Enid Blyton’s “Famous Give” series and mysteries like “The Three Investigators” series. Once a fortnight, I will visit the library to get some books to read. I always find it difficult to put down a book once I start reading it.

Reading has improved my command of English. I also gain a lot of general knowledge, especially from reading non-fiction books. I like reading books on subject that I am interested in. like dogs, horses and outer space.

Reading also provides a world where we can experience things which we may never in real life. For example, I may not have the chance to travel in caravan. However, reading Enid Blyton’s “Five go Off In A Caravan” tells me what it is like to stay in a caravan. Therefore, I think reading is both fun and beneficial.
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