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Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to be successful in life

How to be successful in life

What we call life is a very complex affair. It is not simply eating. Reproducing and finally dying. Every creature does these. But in the case of man he has to lead a highly complicated life. It is like going through a maze. He is a social being. He has to earn, make a home. Look after his people. Attend to his obligations to the society and the government. So in order to be successful in all these he has to develop certain qualities.

What do we mean by saying a man is successful? If in his occupation he can do satisfactorily both for himself and others then he is successful. He must be able to look after his people and bring up good children. If he becomes a professional man like an engineer, doctor or lawyer, making money should not be the only criterion; he must also able to satisfy his clients and be honest at it

In order to be successful one should develop certain qualities. At first he must realize his purpose; in other words what he would like to be. This is the crux of the problem, for the choice does not come to him. Parents decide it very often for them. Let us suppose he decides to be somebody in his life. Once having decided he must work or attaining certain standard in that line. Only hard work would make him fit for the job. It is rightly said that it is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. One must deserve before desiring. One must remember one’s education does not stop with the school or college. It is a life long process. Professional people must keep themselves up to date.

Then one must get on with others. In the chess board of life one may find himself in any position; it maybe the all powerful queen or simply pawn. It must be remembered that given the chance, even a pawn can destroy a queen. This mean in a complex society, everyone find oneself in a particular position; there maybe some above and some below. One need not be favouring and flattering those above and be arrogant with those below. ” what can I do for you” it is correct attitude and having done it go about your duty. In getting on with others sweet temperament is really an asset; then only other will like to transact with one. One must not be easily irritable nor give irritants to others. Then one must be reliable. One must be reliable. One maybe clever but is he is not reliable, he can not achieve success in a great measure because others will have very little to do with him.

Another important quality that would make up for success is doing things then and there. Procrastination is the thief o time. Postponement of doing things means swelling of work for the next day. A small chink maybe easily closed today but tomorrow it maybe late. If we analyse the life of successful people we could easily see they have been through and never postponed doing things.

Still another quality is not to argue. By pointing out that, he has been wrong you are not going to improve matters, on the other hand you can help him correct, arguing not only takes away precious time but also cause irritation. Especially one’s superior may not like arguing. Instead of argument, one must be able to meet the situation something like this “you maybe right, sir” or “this is alright”, but “what about our alternative” and so on.

One must be capable of learning from experience. One must be able to learn from the mistakes of others. Only when individuals fail to learn from the past mistakes, they are ruined. History is replete with examples.
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