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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Things you like and dislike about school

Things you like and dislike about school

School is a place I have to go to five days a week, except on Saturdays and Sundays and the holidays. I spend a lot of time in school. Thus I cannot help liking some aspects and disliking other aspects of it.

I like recess most of all. This is especially so after a few hours of torture trying to figure out some tough sums and listening to the history teacher drone on about some half-forgotten war. The relief of consuming the food and drinks at the tuck-shop is really satisfying. What more, my friends are always there to provide great company. We yack on and on about nothing in particular. It is great to be among those you know well.

The bell that signals the end of recess is not what I like. Judging from the audible moans from those around me the bell is not very popular with the others as well. So we trudge reluctantly back to class to undergo another few hours of lessons.

The lessons are not totally torturous. Much depend on the teachers. Some teachers have a knack of making their lessons interesting, so it is pleasant to learn something. These teachers really do take the trouble to teach us and we appreciate them very much.

Unfortunately there are some very obnoxious teachers who purposely pick on us. These are usually the older ones who have lost their zest for teaching. Who could blame them after having to repeat the same things year after year? I have been picked on several times for very trivial things. These occasions are what I dislike. Nobody likes to be sent out of the class for forgetting to bring a book. Also nobody likes to stand on the chair for one whole period for talking in class. I have undergone these punishments and they are not pleasant.

P.E. (Physical Education) is one lesson I like. Here we can play around with each other. Our P.E. teacher is a young man who knows many types of games and sports. So we have a wonderful time learning from him. Unfortunately we only see him twice a week. This is really insufficient for each session only lasts about 40 minutes minus the time needed to reach the field.

I like the bell when it signals the end of the day. Immediately flagging spirits give way to laughter as we head home. The atmosphere is a happy one when we go home.

The week before the Annual School Sports Day is what I like too. Usually a week before the sports the school will be very busy preparing for it. Lessons are disrupted and we have a great time talking in class. Sometimes we are asked to help a bit. I like that too. It beats working out sums.

When the examinations approaches it is the time of woe, I for one dislike examinations. It is not that I am afraid that I might fail. I usually pass anyway. It is the tension and the stress of waiting for the examinations that are so unpleasant. During the time prior to an examination, no one has time for a chat anymore. Everyone is so engrossed in his or her work. This is a time of gloom.

However gloom disappears like magic the moment the examinations are over. This is the best time of school. The tension is gone and lessons are virtually non-existent. Normally it is also the end of the term and the holidays are around the corner. What joy feel as we wait gleefully for the holidays so that we may get to do the things we want to do.

Holidays are great but they never seem to last. Soon it is time once again to go back to school, back to the things I like and dislike.