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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interesting fight I have seen

An interesting fight I have seen

Notes: Afternoon – Sudden fight between a cat and a cobra, dangerous snake – Big crowd – Cobra attacked cat again and again – Cat jump again and again – Fierce fight for long time – Both died.

One afternoon I saw an interesting fight between a cat and a cobra, a dangerous snake.

As soon as the fight began, a big crowd collected to see the fight and which of the two creatures would be the victor.

The cobra attacked the cat again and again with all the strength it had. In return, the cat jumped several times to catch the cobra’s head between its sharp teeth. Both the creatures seemed to have realized that it was a fight to the end. The battle would end only when one of them had died.

It was indeed a fierce battle which lasted for a long time. There was blood on the ground and on the bodies of the two deadly enemies.

In the end, both the creatures died. The people who had watched the fight then left the scene of the battle, some amused and some sad.

Collected = gathered
Victor = winner
Enemies = rivals
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