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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My hobbies

My hobbies

I have a number of things I like to do in my free time. They are my hobbies. I am sure other people have their hobbies too.

The hobby I like most is playing my guitar. My guitar very unique and beautiful because it is my favorite. The guitar was given to me by my mother for my seven tenth birthday. My uncle,who is an accomplish guitarist taught me how to play it. Now I can play a few simple tunes. I have even begun to sing while playing the guitar but I has not been too successful at this. My uncle tells me that all I need is a lot of practice and I should be able to it. He is very good at accompanying himself and I admire him very much.

Another hobby that I spend time on is keeping tropical fishes. I have a modest little glass aquarium where I keep a variety of little fishes. Some of them were bought from the shop while some of them were caught from the stream near where I live. They look so beautiful swimming about in the aquarium and I love to just watch them. It is very relaxing to do so. Even my uncle loves watching them.

However they do die and it is not very pleasant to have to remove the dead ones. Also it is quite a tedious job cleaning the aquarium. I have to do this whenever it gets dirty which is about once in two months.

I keep stamps too. However I would not call myself an avid stamp collector. Actually, I just take the stamps from discard envelope that my relatives and friends give me. Mostly I get local stamps. Once in while I get stamps from places like Sweden,Australia,Saudi Arabia and others. I keep the less common ones inside a small album. The common ones I usually give away to others or if no one wants them I simply throw them away.

There are other hobbies that I indulge in once in a while but they are not as interesting as the ones I have mentioned. There mentioned really keep me occupied and I am glad I am able to do them.

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