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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Describe a journey by car, train, ship etc, which was particularly memorable for some reason, either good or bad

Describe a journey by car, train, ship etc, which was particularly memorable for some reason, either good or bad

Anyhow we had to set out. Our holidays were coming to an end but our plan to take a trip/journey by car to Dalat was not able to be realized yet. Our thoughts about Dalat with her gorgeous cherry blossoms and scenic views were urging us to start our journey.

Then one morning our dream came true. We hired a four-seat-traveling car and drove straight to Dalat early in the morning. Splendid landscapes at dawn on either side of the road were unfolding before us. The refreshing morning breeze was caressing our skin and in high spirits we were singing merrily.

When reaching Blao winding pass, we caught sight of a red car running in front of us. We sped down the pass. It seemed to us that the young girl in the red car did not want to be overtaken; so she drove her car at a tremendous speed. Suddenly she lost her balance, her car swerved to the left, crashed into the slope and overturned.

Quite frightened, we braked hard and jumped out of our car. We tried to turn her car up and pull out the girl trapped in the car. The girl escaped death by a hair’s breadth, shivering like an aspen leaf. In spite of her sudden shock, she looked very beautiful just like an angel with her short-cut hair, oval face and bright blue eyes. After a while, recovering from her panic, she timidly thanked us for having rescued her in time then she looked at her flat tyre in despair.

Reading her thought, we took off our shirts and began to remove the punctured tyre and fix the spare wheel for her. As soon as the work had been done, we started our journey again together with Da Huong Lan – the girl’s name.

Having just escaped from the terrible accident and witnessed it, we all drove more slowly and carefully. At last we reached our destination very late in the evening. Before saying goodbye to us, the girl once again thanked us and did not forget to put down the name of our hotel in her pocket calendar.

We were invited to Da Huong Lan’s house that very night. Her parents heartily welcomed us and thanked us for having saved their daughter’s life.

Now whenever I see the hyacinth blooming on smooth hill slopes of Dalat town, I recall the girl bearing the name of this flower and wonder whether she still keeps that unforgettable memory of such a dangerous journey.


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