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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home accidents and its prevention

Home accidents and its prevention

Accidents are becoming common these days. Any incident which happens without any intention is an accident. They can lead to mild or severe injuries and sometimes become fatal. Carelessness is the main reason for accidents. Accidents may happen on the road, during a journey, on air, sea or even at home. Let us examine the home accidents and try to prevent them in future. Home accidents may lead to disablement and sometimes even fatal. So one must be aware of the immediate steps to be taken in case of accidents.

As to the proverb “prevention is better than cure”, it is always better to prevent an accident. Cutting, burning, scalding and falling may lead to fractures, and poisoning, electric shock, etc, may lead to death. Accidents at home can take place in any part of the home, in the drawing room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Let us consider the preventive aspects first.

One must be careful in using cutting instruments such as knives in the kitchen. Only those who have experience should use them. Care must be taken when dealing with very hot things. It should be kept in out of reach. We have to use tongs to remove hot things form the oven. Falling down in bathroom and off the staircases is another example. One should ensure that ladders are properly installed, stools are stable. The bathroom floors should not be slippery and therefore have to be cleaned daily.

Electrical wiring should be periodically checked. Electrical appliances should be insulated or properly handled. The kitchen windows and bedroom windows should be properly grilled and locked in order to prevent children from climbing out. The bathroom sinks, toilet bowls and buckets should always be covered. Some babies have fallen into these items and died. There were many such cases recently. Medicines must be kept away out of children’s reach. Nowadays kitchen accidents involving gasleaks, fires, burning of oil are becoming common. Youngsters must be taught lessons in prevention. If everyone is careful then there will be no accidents.

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