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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An autobiography of a story book

An autobiography of a story book

My name is ‘Arabian Nights’. I am a colorful and attractive book. I was printed in New Zealand and was later shipped to Singapore. It was a long tiring journey.

As soon as I reached the Singapore harbor, I was taken to a bookshop. I was displayed on a shelf with other new books. There I met and befriended a book entitled “Alice in Wonderland.”

One day a few girls entered the shop. They laughed and joked among themselves. They were browsing through the books and one of them picked me up. She was attracted to me and bought me immediately. I was taken to her house and placed on a bookshelf. She took good care of me. After reading me, she would place me carefully on the shelf.

One day, her mischievous cousin visited her. He entered her room without her permission and started tearing her books. Then to my horror, he took me from the shelf and flipped through my pages very roughly. Just then, my owner stormed into the room and rescued me. She smoothed out my pages and soon I was as good as new. Till today I am with her giving her delight through my stories. I love her very much.
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