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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A lesson learnt

A lesson learnt

I was shopping for a wallet in a large shopping center. Suddenly, a naughty thought ran through my mind.

The counter where the wallets were sold was at a corner of the store. There was nobody around me then. Stealthily, I put one of the wallets into my pocket. I felt guilt written all over my face. As I was about to leave the shop, a pair of arms grabbed me by my shoulders.

“We have to refer you to the police for shop-lifting,” the man said. I was horrified. My parents were notified and they were furious to learn what I had done. However, they pleaded with the shop manager on my behalf.

The shop manager finally decided to drop the charge against me. I truly regretted stealing the wallet and promised to turn over a new leaf. He nevertheless referred the case to my school principal. I was given a demerit point as punishment and my teachers explained to me the seriousness of shoplifting.

It had indeed been a painful lesson. I resolve never to commit the same mistake again.

Labels: an incident that taught me a lesson

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