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Monday, March 30, 2009



Nowadays the general standard of living in Vietnam is improved considerably; therefore, Vietnamese people especially young ladies, begin to take care of their looks. That is why fashions play a much/far more significant role in our life today. Living in the center of the south of Vietnam, the ladies from Ho Chi Minh City have a wide range of clothes to select from: aodais, jeans and T-shirts, blouses and skirts, dresses, trouser-suits, etc.

Generally speaking, pieces of aodai are highly appreciated on special and/or formal occasions such as celebrations of national holidays, academic conferences, professionally artistic contests, the traditional Vietnamese Tet, wedding receptions, etc.

On less formal but more common occasions, today’s women may choose western stylish clothes such as suits, trouser-suits or dresses. In a trouser-suit, a lady may look business-like at work. And she seems really charming to entertain her guests at home, being decorated by a fashionable dress or by a lovely blouse and a well-formed skirt. Her feminine features are really strengthened by the western style of selecting clothes.

On informal occasions, young ladies often appear in jeans and a comfortable T-shirt. It is much/far more convenient for them to move around in a (super)market or any kind of shops. Light and neat clothes are also suitable for picnics, barbecues or other friendly social outdoor gatherings. These clothes really make all the members of the sex of “beauty” lively and attractive.

There is no doubt that fashions do contribute to making our today’s life more beautiful and meaningful. All women, especially young ladies, have a wide range of clothes to choose from. They may choose whatever is the most suitable on a particular occasion or for a particular purpose. In addition to their general knowledge, professional training, unique personality, working experience, etc., their clothes play a significant role in leading today’s women to success both at work and at home.
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