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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My wish to become a scholar

My wish to become a scholar

I do not believe in my dreams and miracles. I believe in hard work. I have my own hopes and ambitions and I always strive hard to achieve them.

Since young my father has been a great inspiration to me. He helped me develop the habit of reading. I became fond of reading books. I also like playing challenging games. I created my own skateboard on which I practice daily. Also, I learn martial arts for self-defense. When I was three, my father taught me how to swim. Since then I swim regularly. I have an ambition to become a top class swimmer.

These things are not going to satiate me. I have started to concentrate on my studies. I have a burning desire to become a scholar, a professor. Now I am in secondary school. I hope to do well in all my examinations. Since my childhood days, I have been interested in books of all subjects, such as general knowledge, aptitude and encyclopedia. After completing my national service, I would like to go to University. I will work towards a Doctorate degree.

Why become a professor? My teachers have always been my inspiration. They lead the students to the right path. Their patience and their simplicity cannot be achieved in any other profession. The respect for professors is something unique which has its own unexplained meaning.

I never like being a doctor, I have no desire to do engineering; neither do I like the Business and Commercial line. I believe a scholar commands respect and adulation. I hope to be a scholar one day. I am glad I am trying to be one.
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