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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The way I spend the first few days after examination

The way I spend the first few days after examination

It has always been my habit, during exam periods, to stick my head into my text for half an hour and concentrate hard on my studies. For fifteen minutes after this, I will relax my mind and then resume work for another half an hour. This routine will continue until the day my exams are over.

During my fifteen-minute breaks, I usually have a cup of cool beverage and listen to some songs. Sometimes I munch some biscuits. On the days when I feel extra helpful, I utilize the time to help my mother with household chores.

One day, I decided to spend my fifteen minutes planning how I would spend the first few days after the examinations are over. I have planned specific days for myself, my family and then my friends. Here is how I will spend my time.

During the first day, after the examinations, I will relax in my room. I will virtually lock myself in with some biscuits and snacks and a few canned drinks. I will watch some of the good movies my brother had video taped for me, which I had been unable to watch when they were telecast. How I miss movies!

The next day, I will spend cleaning my room. I will clear all the notes that have infested my table and put them all away, together with my textbooks into the last drawer of my study table so that I will not be further burdened by their sight. During the afternoon, I will bring my nephews shopping. Since I have not been eating out nor have I been shopping during the few months of torture, I can afford to spend my savings on my little darlings.

The third day I will spend with my family. My father has promised to bring us across the causeway to visit some relatives. I always enjoy myself at the village. My relatives live a life of simplicity. Their innocence and warmth always touches me. I long to see them again. I will persuade my father to allow us to spend the night at the village, which is the birthplace of my brother and I. We will then come back to Singapore the next morning.

The fourth day, after a short rest, I will spend the day swimming with my friends at the East Coast Parkway. We will bring some picnic lunch packets and, of course, our tents. We will laze around at the beach chatting and eating snacks.

I guess, on the fifth day, I will go to the market in the morning, sweep and mop the floor and help my mother with other household chores. During the afternoon, I will start looking for a job. I will look up the job vacancies in the classified ads and present myself for immediate interviews. I will be satisfied with a decent job that pays me enough money to buy myself a bicycle. The job will be worth my time while I wait for that piece of paper which will determine my future.
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