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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Courtesy begets courtesy

Courtesy begets courtesy

One afternoon, my cousin and I went for a movie. Before the movie started, I went to the public washroom. It was very crowded; I joined the queue and waited patiently for my turn.

When I was about to enter an empty toilet, the girl who was standing behind me asked me if she could use the toilet first. Her face was pale and she seemed to be having a terrible stomach upset.

“Sure!” I said without hesitation. I could tell from her face that she was very thankful.

After the movie, my cousin and I were supposed to meet my uncle at the airport. We decided to catch a cab there. At the taxi-stand, I saw the girl whom I met in the washroom. This time, she was ahead of me in the queue.

We started a friendly conversation while waiting for our cabs. My cousin and I began to get worried when we had waited for quite some time and no cab had passed by. Finally a cab came. We waved good-bye to the girl because she offered to let us go in the cab first.

We thanked her for being so considerate. She even helped us carry our shopping bags into the cab. From this incident, I fully agree that “courtesy begets courtesy”. It certainly pays to be courteous.
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