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Sunday, March 29, 2009

“Save water” campaign – write about the scarcity of water and ways and means to save water.

“Save water” campaign – write about the scarcity of water and ways and means to save water.

Food, air and water are essential elements for man. Three fourths of the earth’s surface is covered with sea water which cannot be consumed fresh by men. There are many places on earth which do not have sufficient water. Drinking water is therefore a rare commodity.

Rain falls in many places, catchment areas, rivers and lakes. Can man drink water directly from the rivers? No. Water from rivers and lakes is contaminated and not fit for drinking. It contains minerals as well as organic impurities. In cities, due to industrialization, the industrial wastes will contaminate rain water, so water needs treatment before it can be consumed by man.

Supplying the cities with treated water costs money. Firstly, the water has to be recycled by filtering the impurities. The water is then chlorinated and pumped to a storage tank. Water is then supplied to the people through pipes. It is well-known fact that when we turn on the tap and water flows from it, it is water that has been treated and we have to pay for the water.

In spite of increasing cost of treating water, the population fails to understand the importance of water. Water is wasted thoughtlessly. They depend on the authorities to provide them water without bothering about the water. Is this the correct attitude? Certainly not! The “Save Water” campaign is in full force. One must remember not to waste water. There are many ways in which water is wasted. The predominant is the leaking tap. This can be curbed by periodic checks to arrest any leakage. People should be made aware that water is precious. They should stop immediately if they see running water from an unattended tap. They should inform the authorities about burst pipes. When leaving home they should ensure that all taps have been turned off. We must change our ways.

Most water is used for washing, cleaning and bathing. Strict prudence should be exercised. No one should stand under a shower for hours. Water used for washing clothes can be used to wash toilets as well.

Industries should help to save usage by recycling water wherever possible. One must bear in mind when water is wasted they are depriving another man of his share. Water may be scarce in the following years especially with the growth of industries.

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