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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An unexpected meeting

An unexpected meeting

There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and was surprised to see Huiling. My greetings were so loud that everyone stared at me. Only then did I realize that I was still in the library. Hastily, we went out to the corridor to talk.

Huilling is my former neighbor. We used to be very close friends. We were in the same class in school and attended the same church together. But since we shifted to new HDB flats, we had drifted apart. Both of us were busy trying to adapt to our new environment. Hence, we stopped writing to each other and lost contact.

I never dreamt that I would meet her in the library. We were eager to know about the well-being of each other’s family. We loaded each other with questions. Sweet reminiscences of the past also came to our minds. We reminded each other of the games we had played – paper dolls and hide-and-seek. We also laughed as we recalled how we both got scolded at the same time when we were naughty. What delightful recollections!

After conversing for almost an hour, Huilling had to go because she had to meet a friend. However, before we parted, both of us reached an agreement. We would make an extra effort to renew and maintain our friendship.
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