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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Unforgettable Childhood Incident

An Unforgettable Childhood Incident

I was about four or five years old at that time. My family lived in a estate house bordering a coconut plantation. The coconut trees loomed tall and straight. Many animals and insects could be found scurrying up and down the trunks. Occasionally we could see flying lizards gliding from tree to tree.

Sometimes the order coconut trees would collapse whenever there was a storm. It was with one of these fallen trees that i had a most unforgettable and painful experience.

My brothers, sister and i were playing near the trunk of a tree that had fallen the previous day. As young children we were very curious and wanted to have a close look at it. I was inquisitive than the others. Also i was more foolish. I climbed onto the trunk and started to walk along it. It seemed fun and i had to show off how well i could keep my balance.

The tree trunk was not totally straight. It inclined upwards near the fronds. Bravely i walked up along the inclination. I felt very confident and sure. Higher and higher i walked. By then i was so cocksure of my ability that I started to shake the trunk. That was my undoing for the next moment down I came with a thud on the ground.

I felt excruciating pain and could not get up. I cried out. My elder brother tried to lift up me but not strong enough. So my sister ran home and fetched my father. My father came hurriedly and carried me back to the house.

Quickly my father reversed out the family car, bundled me into it and drove quickly to hospital. My mother could not come for she had to look after my brothers and sister. What anxiety she must have felt.

Nevertheless we reached the hospital in double quick time and I was attended to by a doctor in the emergency room. He carefully manipulated my arm and finally put the elbow joint back into place again. All the time I was in a sort of a daze as the pain was really terrible even after the doctor gave me a jab to lessen it.
I had to stay in hospital for a couple of days for injury of my elbow to heal a bit. Fortunately there were no bones broken. So after two days i left the hospital and was greeted happily by my family. What a painful but unforgettable experience it had been. I learned not to repeat the foolish climbing act again.

Topic label: an incident that taught me a lesson.
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