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Monday, March 2, 2009

A cruise

A cruise

It was a sunny day. My father drove the whole family to Clifford pier. We were going on a cruise on board the Equator Dream. My brother and I were very excited as we had never been on a cruise before.

The Equator Dream is a big ship with four storeys. It has a huge dining room and a lounge. On the lowest level is a discotheque which my father said is not a suitable place for children. On the highest level is a sun deck where most people will gather during the day.

We cruised around Singapore. We were served a buffet lunch on board. Then, we went up on the deck to enjoy the sunshine and the sea breeze. The scenery was beautiful.

In the evening, we were treated to a delicious Chinese meal. After dinner, we went to the lounge to chat and laze about. Of course, we also went up on the deck again to look at the captivating night scene of Singapore. We could see the lights on the island flickering from afar.

Slowly, the lights became larger and brighter. The Equator Dream docked and we disembarked at World Trade Center. It had been an interesting trip and all of us went home feeling satisfied and happy.
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