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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The type of stories I like to read

The type of stories I like to read

The outline:
1. My reading habits
2. My special taste
3. Why I like this particular type of stories
4. The end

My father has always encouraged me to read. So, I read a lot of story books. But the type of stories that I enjoy most is detective stories.

I love detective stories because they deal with crimes and criminals. Crimes are interesting to read because they show human behavior in all sorts of situations. Men commit crimes for various reasons. So, a great deal of information about human conduct can be obtained from such stories.

Again, detective stories also show how criminals are caught and punished. The part played by detectives is very interesting to read. The courage that detectives show in arresting criminals is really great. They not only put themselves in danger but also their families when they deal with hardened criminals. The way they do their duty to protect society from criminals is therefore very interesting to study.

Also interesting to study is the ways criminals hide themselves from the law. They run about desperately but in the end they are all caught and punished.

For all these reasons, I enjoy reading such stories.

Courage = bravery, not being afraid
Criminals = person who have broken the law
Desperately = without any hope left
Encourage = give hope, courage, support…
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