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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Worst accident I have seen

The worst accident I have seen

The outline:
1. Where? When?
2. How it happened
3. My own feelings
4. Ending (conclusion)

I have seen many accidents. The worst of them was one in which three persons were involved. I still remember that accident very clearly.

That day, I was traveling in my uncle’s car. Suddenly, a car, running at great speed, overtook our car. There was only one person in it, the driver himself.

My uncle at once told me that very soon that car would cause an accident. That my uncle was right was proved shortly. We found the car inside a big river. It had crashed through the railings of the bridge over that river. The driver was still trapped in the car. No one tried to help him, though there was a big crowd around. On the bridge itself, a young lady and a small girl were lying unconscious with blood all over their bodies. The right hand of the lady was missing and the girl’s head was badly injured. Their bicycle was crushed. Soon, an ambulance arrived and took the lady and girl to the hospital. There was a lot of blood on the bridge.

It was indeed a very ugly sight. I felt very sorry for all those who were involved in the accident. But what actually happened to the man in the car still remains a mystery to me.

Injured = hurt
Involved = mixed up
Mystery = something not yet understood or known
Shortly = soon
To overtake = to come level with and pass
To crash = to strike suddenly and violently
Railing = fence or barrier made of rails and supported by upright bars
To be trapped = to be stuck
To lie unconscious = to lie without knowing anything
To be involved in = to be concerned with
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